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March 28, 2024: We've officially launched our premium chart package, including BRC-20-Adjusted and Entity-Adjusted charts for our existing series. Each adjustment allow us to differentiate and filter the various types of network activity. Browse around to see how each of the new data series are calculated. Thanks to all of you for your support!

The next few batches of charts have a lot in them, and will include generalized entity metrics, address counts by value, and various multisig cohort metrics.

Our motto: Blockchains promise transparency. We're here to deliver. We want everyone, not just some accredited few, to have access to all the new information the world of cryptocurrencies has to offer. We want to show you the market from all angles so you can see for yourself what's happening, connect the dots, and make decisions.

Mesmer Data Chart Features

  • Complete history for all metric data series.
  • Hourly, daily, & block base data.
  • Moving averages for noisy metrics.
  • 'Follow mode' for long-term monitoring.
  • Chart data compression minimizes data usage.
  • Saved view settings between visits.
  • 'Last Data' update tracker tells you how recent the data you're seeing really is.
  • Minimal, mobile-friendly style keeps everything clean, easy, and quick.
  • Regular rollouts of more metrics and updates.
  • And a special thanks to the folks at for the wonderful tools that make this possible.

In information, timeliness is usefulness. Our goal is to do everything we can to get information to you as quickly as it is generated. All of our charts either auto-update or notify you when new data is available. While in beta, we will offer confirmed data only (6 block confirmations), and only certain views will auto-update. As we do future rollouts, we will improve this significantly.

What's Next? Rollouts!

  • More metrics! General entity metrics, address counts by value, and various multisig cohort metrics
  • And a few advanced features we're not ready to announce yet... You'll just have to wait and see!

This is our Beta release, still a fraction of what's in progress. We will be expanding surely and steadily as we get feedback from you. Let us know what metrics or anything else you want to see at